Shoot for the stars - landscape workshop

One on One Sunset Workshop

Beginner – Intermediate

No matter what your level or experience is with a camera, we offer you a comprehensive insight & practical approach into understanding how to best utilise your camera for shooting amazing landscapes.

Our workshops give you a thorough knowledge of your camera’s settings & functionality as well as specialising in composing/framing your images, lens selection for different scenarios & the use of graduated and neutral density (ND) filters. It’s not only important for us to teach just the technical aspects of landscape photography but also the creative and subjective artistry that makes this genre so popular.

No boring classroom courses, we take you into the field with a fun, hands on approach with real world scenarios. As your instructors we understand it is important that for you to get the most out of our workshops, we recognise your strengths/weaknesses & what you specifically want to learn, and then customise your workshop to suit your style and needs.

Our goal; to give you the confidence & complete understanding of your camera’s settings, techniques for focusing, composing and framing your images and finally making your images pop in post processing.




2 hour Workshop               $250

3 Hour Workshop               $350


**BRING A FRIEND**        Additional $100




  • Location of your choice

  • No travel fee for Tweed/Gold Coast areas

  • (Brisbane: $120 travel fee)

  • (Sunshine Coast: $150 travel fee)

Note - we can come to you interstate or overseas. Contact us for a quote.


What to Bring: 

  • Your Digital Camera (DSLR), lenses & a memory card

  • Tripod & Camera Bag

  • Comfortable closed shoes

  • Warm clothes and/or Weather Proof Jacket

  • Bottle of water

  • Your mobile phone (for apps and taking notes)

  • Head torch

**See below for topics covered**

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2 hour Workshop        -           $250

3 hour Workshop        -           $350


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Now that you’ve taken these incredible images…what now?


Post processing is where you can really bring your images to life and turn an ordinary image into art. Our workshop will provide you with an in depth lesson into processing your images in Photoshop.

We teach you at your pace and give you tips and shortcuts so you spend less time editing. We can show you how to edit your images in Camera RAW (what the sliders mean/do) and then bring your image into Photoshop.

We then guide you around the tools and adjustments necessary to enhance your skills using layers, masks, blending exposures and focus stacking. We also show you how to make local adjustments and fix imperfections in your image, as well as overall sharpening and reducing noise.

Finally, we show you how to best save and resize your images for social media and for printing at their highest and best quality.


1. How to best set up your camera & tripod          

-    To suit varying weather conditions when shooting


2. Camera Modes & Camera Settings                    

-     Shutter Speed, Aperture (f/stop) and ISO

-     RAW vs. Jpg

-     Using your Histogram for perfect exposures

-     Manual Shooting modes (Aperture and Shutter Priority and Manual/BULB Mode


3. Wide angle Lens vs. Telephoto Zoom Lenses   

-     Focusing your lens in Auto & Manual

-     The features of your lens (pros & cons) & how they apply in the real world 

-     We have both Canon/Nikon lenses at your request


4. Composition and Framing                                  

-     A thorough understanding into composing a visually striking image

-     Using the ‘Rule of 3’ and ‘50/50’ to frame the scene

 -     Including foreground & mid-ground subject matter to draw your eye into/around an image


5. Using Filters                                                      

-    Understanding how filters work and what they each specifically do

-    How to use Grad ND’s to balance the exposure of the sky

-    Shooting long exposures with neutral density filters (ND’s) in Bulb Mode with a remote

-    Phone Apps to help calculate perfect exposures 

-    We have a variety of filters/holders to use courtesy of our sponsors NiSi Filters Australia


6. ‘Chasing the Light’                                            

-    Planning & executing shoots around light

-    Understanding weather (clouds, sun movement & tides) & how they can affect your images

-   Working with natural light, direct light & ambient light  

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