Shoot for the stars - PRIVATE ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY workshop

One on One ASTRO Workshop

Beginner – Intermediate

Love the night sky?

One of the most daunting yet equally exciting & rewarding genres in photography is without a doubt Astrophotography. Unfortunately though, it comes with its challenges. Our workshops offer a comprehensive, hands-on approach teaching you how to capture the Milky Way. With over 8 years experience, we give you everything from the camera settings required, to what lens to use, how to get perfect sharpness in your images, apps we use to help plan and execute shoots, as well as composing & framing your images.

No matter what your skill level or experience, this fun workshop is aimed at providing you with the guidance to capture breathtaking Nightscapes at your pace. 90% of our images are captured in one frame, so we show you how to do just that as well as advanced techniques like focus stacking, exposure blending ‘blue hour’ scenes to maximise dynamic range & time-lapse. Our goal; to provide you with our refined knowledge & our streamlined checklist to capturing the night sky. As well as tips & tricks so you have a thorough understanding of how to shoot the Milky Way & come away with the confidence to capture amazing images in your own time.




2 hour Package               $250

3 Hour Package              $350


**BRING A FRIEND**        Additional $100



  • Location of your choice

  • No travel fee for Tweed/Gold Coast area

  • Sunshine Coast: $150 travel fee

Note - we can come to you interstate or overseas. Contact us for a quote.


What to Bring: 

  • Digital Camera (DSLR) & lenses

  • Tripod & Camera Bag

  • Comfortable closed shoes

  • Warm clothes and/or Weather Proof Jacket

  • Bottle of water

  • Your mobile phone (for apps and taking notes)

  • Head torch


Now that you’ve taken these incredible images…what now?


Post processing is where you can really bring your images to life and turn an ordinary image into art. Our workshop will provide you with an in depth lesson into processing your image in Photoshop. We teach you at your pace and give you tips and shortcuts so you spend less time editing.

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We show you how to edit your images in Camera RAW, what the sliders mean and do and then bring your image into Photoshop. We then guide you around the tools and adjustments necessary to enhance your skills using layers, masks, blending exposures and focus stacking. Astrophotography requires a lot of colour adjustments & we show you the quick and easy way to achieve just that. We also show you how to make local adjustments and fix imperfections in your image, as well as overall sharpening and reducing noise. Finally, we show you how to best save and resizing your images for social media and for printing at their highest and best quality.


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