The NiSi V6 …

Available for order March 12th 2019!

RRP $319


Who doesn’t love a sequel!? Terminator 2 nailed it, so too did Aliens! So when we heard NiSi we’re bringing out the V6 after the hugely successful V5 Filter Holder, we had to get our hands on one to put it through its paces. 


So did it live up to our expectations? 

On first inspection it’s obvious the size and weight difference. The V6 is smaller and slightly lighter which, as a landscape photographer, is exactly what we want for hiking and travelling abroad. The holder itself has a ‘cut edge’ design which makes it easier to slide in and out ND’s & grad filters. Genius! 


One thing I’ve loved about NiSi over the years is they actually listen to the needs of photographers. I teach international workshops and many of my students have said they’d ‘love it if the filter holder itself could be locked in place’. The new V6 now comes with a tightening screw that locks the holder in a set position of your choosing. This is perfect for when you find that right angle and don’t want your filter/ND to budge. 

If you have no fingernails like me and find it hard to screw on or off your Enhanced CPL, you’ll be pleased to know they are now raised and easier to place on and off. And even less risk now of fingerprints on the glass itself as you try to take the CPL on and off. That’s a huge tick for us fingernail biters! 


One positive feature I really noticed was how much easier the filters were to put in and out of the filter holder. In the past BN (Befor NiSi) I’d tried different brands and some were either too hard to take a filter out or they slid straight through. It was frustrating to say the least. So it’s really assuring to see they’d nailed it with the V6. This is a big improvement for me as I’m often change filters/ND’s quite a lot out in the field. Which leads me to the new filter pouch that can now attach to your tripod leg. Gone are the days of that hassle of going back and forth to your camera bag. Now it’s in arms reach and much more accessible. 


The icing on the cake for newcomers to NiSi is the lens cap is now included with the purchase of the V6. The cap is designed to protect your enhanced CPL from being scratched during travel and the best part is, it’s now much easier to place on/off. 

So in summary...did it pass the test? 

NiSi had really big shoes to fill. The V5 was an integral part of my workflow for so many years. I was lucky enough recently to test out the V6 both overseas in Norway and back here in Australia & overall I think NiSi have truly stepped up to the challenge. The new V6 Filter Holder is a marked improvement in features & now comes with added extras. They revolutionised the Filter Holder and now they have perfected it. Now, let’s hope the next Avengers sequel lives up to its hype. 



NiSi V6 Kit (100mm) Filter Holder
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Sample Images USING THE NiSI v6