Copy of The Remarkables, New Zealand.

Copy of The Remarkables, New Zealand.

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Queenstown, New Zealand...

They call it "the land of the long white cloud", and aptly so.

As much as we love our vibrant sunrise/sets there is just something so peaceful about a calm long exposure with streaky clouds across snowy mountains tops. If we had to describe the feeling of winter in the South Island of NZ...this would be it!

This is a spot we'd been dying to shoot for a while, but didn't actually know where it was. When we found it, we invited our good friend & fellow photographer, Jordan from Undersoul Photography, to tag along with us in our Wilderness Motorhomes New Zealand. The conditions were just perfect, and by that we mean zero wind with near perfect reflections and fast moving high cloud. So we decided to do a really long exposure & we are really pleased with the results.

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