The Pinnacles, Western Australia.


The Pinnacles, Western Australia.

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WOW…just wow!!! 

This was only our 2nd ever attempt at shooting the Milky Way, but many years of studying, practice & planning has gone into this shot!

We are calling this the '$3,000 Money Shot’. Why you ask?

Only 2 weeks before, we both flew to Perth in hope of catching this exact image. Out here this very little light pollution from towns & the city, but, unfortunately there were too many clouds, the moon was too full & the rise & set times didn’t work together. It was an absolute failure. 

A fortnight later (& another expensive flight), we were back here in WA & everything had fallen into place! 

An almost 3 hour drive north of Perth, The Pinnacles are undoubtedly one of the most incredible spectacles in Australia. There is some controversy around how The Pinnacles came about though. It’s believed these amazing limestone structures are made up of raw material which came from seashells which were formed through the preservation of a cast of trees buried millions of years ago when at that time, the area was underwater. Whatever the reason, they are truly amazing to witness!

This spot is generally snapped with photographers at either sunrise or sunset due to the contrasting colours of the dessert & sky, but we wanted to do something a bit different. THIS is mother nature at her VERY BEST!!!

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